The Genetics of Reading Ability
Study Code:RD
Sample:Twins, siblings
Start Date:Oct.2004
Status:In progress
Contact:Anjali Henders
More Info:QIMR only

Rationale and Scientific Aims of the Project

The aim of the project is to understand the genetic and environmental causes of reading and language disability (dyslexia and specific language impairment). We have collected data on reading via a phone survey of an adolescent twin sample in the "Genetics of Laterality, Health and Wellbeing, Personality, Smell Sensitivity, Taste Sensitivity and Reading" HREC Approval (H0206-01-029). The specific aim of this application is to extend these data to cover spoken language. This will allow us both to understand specific problems with reading (as opposed to verbal language) and to understand the behavioural and molecular genetic relationships between reading, spelling, and language impairment.


Professor Nick Martin, QIMR
Dr Tim Bates,
Macquarie University NSW

Project Staff

Thanuja Gunasekera (Coordinator)

Daniel Park (IT Support)

Kerrie McAloney (Administrative Support)




Clare Wheat

Diane Reynolds

Donna Hickey

Erin Mallon

Heather Park

Jill Wood

Ildiko Putnoki

Lucy Winkler

Margaret Reilly

Mellesa-Lee Smith

Pieta-Maree Shertock

Rebekah Eyers

Vaughan Thomas