The 19UP Study
Study Code:NU
Start Date:Feb.2009
Contact:Richard Parker
More Info:QIMR only

This research project is directed at investigating two broad aims. First, is to map brain changes in people with depressive, anxiety or psychotic symptoms and to determine whether brain changes are related to cognitive, social and work functioning. In the longer-term the study aims to determine if various forms of drug or non-drug treatment influence symptoms, brain functioning and cognitive, social or work functioning. The second aim is to investigate how dating and relationships are affected by romantic partner preferences and choosiness. Twin pairs aged between 19-30 will complete and online internet based questionnaire and a telephone interview. Among other things, these interviews are about general health and activity, attention, relationships, personality, occupation and internet use. In addition to the tradition comparisons of twins, this study will also include an extensive comparative analysis of DNA samples and MRI scans from the twins.