Migraine Endometriosis
Study Code:ME
Sample:Women from our endometriosis cohort, who have participated in previous studies at QIMR.
Start Date:Apr.2012
Status:In progress
Contact:Dale Nyholt
More Info:QIMR only

This study aims to collect phenotype data on migraine, other related traits and general health from our endometriosis cohort to facilitate identification of underlying genetic and non-genetic risk factors. Previous studies have helped to identify two gene locations that appear to influence the risk of endometriosis and we would like to collect further data to find out how these function.

Subjects will be contacted by letter (or email) and invited to take part in this study. They will be asked to complete a self-administered online questionnaire which takes approximately 45 minutes.

Participants will be asked to respond to questions about migraine and headaches, endometriosis, and other related traits such as epilepsy, vertigo and motion sickness and strokes. Data regarding general health will also be collected in order to ensure the instrument is comprehensive.