Twin Study of Glaucoma Sreening Parameters
Study Code:GL
Start Date:Nov.2004
Status:In progress
Contact:Anjali Henders
More Info:QIMR only

Rationale and Scientific Aims of the Project

Twin studies comparing identical and non identical twins are useful in determining the relative genetic and environmental contributions to disease. Recent work has shown glaucoma genes contribute to the development of glaucoma. The extent of this contribution and the interaction with environmental factors is not clear.

We wish to examine around 100 sets of identical twins, 100 sets of non identical twins who are not known to be affected by glaucoma and approximately 50 sets of twins (both identical and non identical) who stated that they were affected by glaucoma and their siblings.

The examination will be a routine glaucoma screen of visual field testing, intraocular pressure measurement and optic disc photography.

This work builds on The Glaucoma Inheritance Study (GIST) being conducted at the Glaucoma Unit, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. The GIST Study has been in progress for the last eight years looking for genes that causes glaucoma.


Dr David Mackey, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

Professor Nick Martin, QIMR  

Project Staff

Thanuja Gunasekera (Coordinator)

Daniel Park (IT Support)

Kerrie McAloney (Administrative Support)


Heather Park

Judy Cochrane

Sue McCoombe

Ildiko Putnoki

Donna Hickey

Rebekah Eyers