Dr Nathan Gillespie Email
Telephone: +61 7 3362 0275
Facsimile: +61 7 3362 0101
Email: nathan.gillespie@vcuhealth.org

Dr Nathan Gillespie has moved to Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioural Genetics. His email address is ngillespie@vcu.edu and his homepage is http://www.vipbg.vcu.edu/~nathan/.

Below are some of the publications Dr Gillespie has co-authored with other research staff at GenEpi. For a complete list of publications please contact Dr Gillespie.

 Ebejer JL, Medland SE, van der Werf J, J Wright M, Henders AK, Gillespie NA, Hickie IB, Martin NG, Duffy DL: Contrast Effects and Sex Influence Maternal and Self-Report Dimensional Measures of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Behavior Genetics 45(1):35-50, 2015 [PDF] [N/OSI] [PubMed] [More...]
 Meier MH, Gillespie NA, Hansell NK, Hewitt AW, Hickie IB, Lu Y, McGrath J, MacGregor S, Medland SE, Sun C, Wong TY, Wright MJ, Zhu G, Martin NG, Mackey DA: Retinal microvessels reflect familial vulnerability to psychotic symptoms: A comparison of twins discordant for psychotic symptoms and controls. Schizophrenia research 164(1-3):47-52, 2015 [PDF] [N/OSI] [PubMed] [More...]
 Strohmaier J, van Dongen J, Willemsen G, Nyholt DR, Zhu G, Codd V, Novakovic B, Hansell N, Wright MJ, Rietschel L, Streit F, Henders AK, Montgomery GW, Samani NJ, Gillespie NA, Hickie IB, Craig JM, Saffery R, Boomsma DI, Rietschel M, Martin NG: Low Birth Weight in MZ Twins Discordant for Birth Weight is Associated with Shorter Telomere Length and lower IQ, but not Anxiety/Depression in Later Life. Twin Research and Human Genetics 18(2):198-209, 2015 [PDF] [N/OSI] [PubMed] [More...]
 Kubarych TS, Kendler KS, Aggen SH, Estabrook R, Edwards AC, Clark SL, Martin NG, Hickie IB, Neale MC, Gillespie NA: Comparing Factor, Class, and Mixture Models of Cannabis Initiation and DSM Cannabis Use Disorder Criteria, Including Craving, in the Brisbane Longitudinal Twin Study. Twin Research and Human Genetics 17(2):89-98, 2014 [PDF] [N/OSI] [PubMed] [More...]
 Meier MH, Gillespie NA, Hansell NK, Hewitt AW, Hickie IB, Lu Y, MacGregor S, Medland SE, Sun C, Wong TY, Wright MJ, Zhu G, Martin NG, Mackey DA: Associations Between Depression and Anxiety Symptoms and Retinal Vessel Caliber in Adolescents and Young Adults. Psychosomatic Medicine 76(9):732-738, 2014 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Gillespie NA, Henders AK, Davenport TA, Hermens DF, Wright MJ, Martin NG, Hickie IB: The Brisbane Longitudinal Twin Study: Pathways to Cannabis Use, Abuse, and Dependence Project-Current Status, Preliminary Results, and Future Directions. Twin Research and Human Genetics 16(1):21-33, 2013 [PDF] [N/OSI] [PubMed] [More...]
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