Condor Batch Processing Cluster

300 CPU's are available to facilitate batch processing of statistical analyses. These CPU's are used to process thousands of small jobs spread across arrays of chromosomes in parallel enabling a large amount of throughput.

100 Tb Storage Area Network

The Genetic Epidemiology laboratory has a 100 Tb storage pool used by GenEpi staff and students. This allows storage and processing of genome wide scans.

Online Computer Aided Telephone Interview (CATI) System

GenEpi has developed an in-house CATI software system. A research interviewer logs on to servers located within GenEpi. These servers save interview data directly to local databases. This operation is entirely paperless and allows for highly uniform information gathering protocols as the CATI monitors and checks all responses and guides the interviewer through the interview. All transactions use the latest encryption and security technologies.

Phenotype Database

GenEpi has a database of 235,000 individuals consisting of about 21,000 twin pairs plus their siblings, parents, children and spouses. GenEpi has collected a vast amount of phenotypic information on these individuals over a 15 year period. A conservative estimate would be that we have surveyed subject responses to over 126,000 questions on personality and health.

Genotype Database

GenEpi has a genotype database of around 718,000 SNP's across approximately 10,000 subjects.